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+50 Best Republic Day Slogan

Independence of India was declared on August 15, 1947.  Since India was governed by a foreign government, it had a foreign constitution.  It was decided to govern itself after it gained independence.  A governing policy for India was then formulated.  By January 26, 1949, the draft had been completed.  The new constitution of India became effective on January 26, 1950.  Since that time, India has been a democracy.  It is one of the most memorable days of India’s history.  A national holiday is observed on this day.

Education is the key to a nation’s development.

To empower a country, empower women.

Make India clean, green, and pollution-free.

For a pollution-free India, we need a clean, green India.

There is no true freedom until all people have equal rights.

In the true sense, slavery is better than freedom as it treats everyone equally.

As freedom is not something, it cannot be seen, but only felt.

There is no freedom without all the foundations, whether they are physical, social, political, psychological, or intellectual.

Being a youth, we only believe that it is our duty to change our country’s fortune.

Freedom, in its true sense, is not being affected by diseases, greed, or filth.

One of the five senses that are controlled is that of freedom.

Our republic’s daydream should be one nation, one vision, and one identity.

Our identity is Indian, but our country’s identity is Republican.

On Republic Day, we unfurl Tiranga to symbolize our freedom.

Every year, Republic Day is a joyous occasion for us.

On this republic day, let us make a promise to live for India until the end of time.

Love your country if you want to live in freedom!

Let us make India developed, independent, republican.

Republic India’s motto is “Clean India, Developed India.”.

In order to achieve real freedom, you must be free from dirt, pollution, and global warming.

If our forefathers gave us a republican country, could we give our future generations a pollution-free country?

To maintain freedom in a country, you must fulfill your responsibility.

You must be loyal to your country!

The nation will be saved if we save the children.

Ensure the development of the country and prevent child labor.

The dream of our forefathers was to make India a democratic nation, and ours should be a green and clean country.

On Republic Day, India celebrates its power, culture, and unity.

In India, we should celebrate a day of cleanliness similar to republic day.

Physical, mental, social, and psychological happiness can be given to people by freedom.

Feel the meaning behind our national flag, not just the colors it has.

We are proud to live in a democracy but do we truly understand what democracy is.

Our country is free of the ruling body but is still ruled by corruption and terrorism.

We should celebrate the Republic of India’s development.

Since 1950, we celebrate republic day. But let’s also celebrate a clean India by 2022.

Celebrate this year’s Republic Day with the slogan “Clean India, Developed India.”.

To achieve real freedom, India needs to become clean and developed.

The only way to change India’s fortune is to save children and women.

India that is clean and developed will be truly remarkable.

Republic Day is a time to salute our heroes.

Our home is India; we need to make it cleaner and greener for our teens

Because of our real heroes, we celebrate Republic Day with pride.

India will be a great country when it’s clean, developed, and prosperous.

Today we celebrate Republic Day, a day to honor our true heroes.

Ensure that India is a clean, green home for our teens.

Unity is the spirit of Self Rule on this day.

Respect and celebrate the supreme law of the nation

For the country’s empowerment, women must be empowered.

I want a pollution-free India, a green India.

India has to be clean and green to be pollution-free.

Let’s make India a developed country.

We should welcome the development of the republic of India.

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