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Ajira Anuchinta in Odia:-

A person who trusts in God does not despair to the end.
It doesn’t matter who you are or not.
But as long as you do your job, time will tell.
Even if it is unpleasant,
the result of good advice is happiness.
Where there is a counselor and a listener,
all the resources are there.
You have to be successful
Failure has to go through the motions.
Odia Anuchinta 5
The problem is not as strong as one might think.
No matter how strong the darkness, the head is still bowed before the sun.
Odia Anuchinta 6
One of the greatest sorrows in the world is one who is jealous, hated, and dissatisfied with the happiness of others.
Sadhu Bani Anuchinta
He who is not patient, has no present or future.
Sadhu Anuchinta
Happiness will come to you automatically when the time comes to ask for happiness, but even if people understand it, it is foolish.
Running behind a false mirage pulls the pain to itself.
ajira anuchinta odia today
Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
aji ra anuchinta
There is hope for something in life, so you don’t have to change your mind.
anuchinta odia
Keeping your work and work confidential is the key to success.
sadhubani anuchinta
Sudama asked Lord Krishna –
What is the meaning of friendship?
Lord Krishna smiled and said, “There is no friendship where there is oppression.”

Ajira Anuchinta | Part-2

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