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Ajira Anuchinta | Part-2

Walking on the right path may be a little difficult, but there is no fear that someone will lose you on that path.
ajira anuchinta today
Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
ajira anuchinta odia 2022
Those who consider self-esteem as wealth are in fact eternal. People who do not value self-esteem, no matter how much money they have or how long they live, have no value to others.
ajira anuchinta odia
Man may bear the tears of injustice, but not the God of the day and night.
ajira anuchinta odia today
Next up is the house demolition, the next is the discussion and the blame is on others. They cannot live in peace.
ajira anuchinta
Humility and sweetness are the real ornaments of a human being.
odia anuchinta images
Always stay away from desire, because if desire is not fulfilled, love grows. When not full, anger increases.
The biggest guru mantra is you don’t tell your secret
Otherwise, it could be a waste for you.
new odia anuchinta
Don’t go for less than your full potential.
sadhu bani odia
For two and a half days, the hope of this false world, my friend, is so great
Who knows how far the path of life is from Mashani.
sadhu bani odia anuchinta
Always remember one thing in life ..
Things that are easy to find do not last forever, and things that last forever are not easy to find.
anuchinta odia
Don’t change your mind when it comes to criticism, because even when the time comes, the comments of the critic change.
odia anuchinta
The reason for the tragedy is the lack of religion.
Happiness is the effect of religion.
And the reason for peace is its nature.
It is a blessing from God to read without thinking.

Ajira Anuchinta Part- 01

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