Corruption Slogan in Odia | ଦୁର୍ନୀତି ଉପରେ ସ୍ଲୋଗାନ 20+ Best Slogan


Corruption Slogan: In this article, we are providing Corruption Slogan in Odia language. Here you will get more than 20 slogans on corruption, Corruption Slogan in Odia.

Best Odia Corruption Slogan

Corruption Slogan In Odia

Slogan on Corruption

Make your country great, save it from corruption

Let us become a better example, prevent corruption

Eradicate corruption, treat the country

Corruption is a disease, corruption is whose name, we will end it, only then the country will get the position.

Corruption has to be eradicated, black money should be brought back.

Do not do any such work, which has to be infamous

Come make India clean, remove pollution, eradicate corruption

Come let us wake everyone up today, make corruption free India

If the country has to move forward, corruption will have to be eradicated from the root.
Be good, make a good society, drive away corruption

Today all of us have decided to rid the country of corruption.

Make the country’s economy strong, never adopt corruption

Join hands together and make a plan to end this corruption

A country without corruption is perfect for its citizens!

Be the initiator of anti-corruption!

You want development of the country, don’t let the corrupt people come around

Love mother India, kill corruption

Work hard, earn money, don’t adopt corruption

I am against corruption, and you?

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