Energy Conservation Slogans in Odia | 10+ Best Slogans


In this post, we have provided some of the best Energy conservation slogans in Odia language. Save Energy slogans or Energy saving slogans will educate our society about the importance of energy and how it is affecting our day-to-day life.

Energy Conservation Slogans

Energy Conservation Slogans In Odia

Save energy slogans

Slogan on Energy Conservation

The sources of energy will run out one day
Then we’ll find ourselves in the dark

Adopt new means of energy
save old and limited resources

Reduce power consumption
start using solar energy

Won’t save energy today
So from where will you get the energy in the coming time?

Energy is a limited resource, coal and petrol
So keep its use a little control

We all have to save energy
The coming generation also has to take advantage of them.

Adopt renewable energy means
Save coal and petrol, make the environment clean

Otherwise the world will be deprived of energy

Keep this in mind everyone
limited use of energy

Electricity will be saved and the bill will also come down
Everyone will benefit by doing this.

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