Road Safety Slogan Odia | +13 Best Odia Road Safety Slogan


In this post, we have provided some best Road safety slogans in Odia language. Find Best Road safety slogan Odia, slogan on traffic rules, traffic safety slogans here in down below…

Road Safety Slogan Odia

Your own protection is in your hands.

Follow safety rules, avoid accidents.

Road safety saves lives.

Better late than never.

Follow traffic rules,
Protect yourself and others.

Don’t try to cross the line,
Otherwise you have to leave this world.

Wait for your turn
Respect the red light.

Always wear helmets in two-wheelers,
Avoid excessive damage during accidents.

Don’t drive, don’t drink,
Otherwise the whole life will be ruined.

Explain yourself and others,
Follow traffic rules.

Whoever respects road safety,
He has a long life.

Don’t be in a hurry,
Road accidents are a long way off.

Don’t drive for fun,
Don’t make life so cheap.

Road Safety Tips

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