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Save Earth Slogans

In this post, we have provided some best Save Earth Slogans in Odia language. Find Best Odia Slogans about Save Earth, Best Save Earth Slogans, of here in down below…

Save Earth Slogans In Odia

Slogan on Pollution

Save Earth Slogans in English

  • Don’t torture the world, this is the basis of our breathing.
  • The lives of all who are stable on earth, give it all respect.
  • Save the beauty of the earth, let’s plant trees.
  • Every day is Earth Day!
  • Earth is the home of all of us, do it all dear.
  • Trees are the body of the earth, do not cut them down and crush the earth.
  • There is power within unity; We have a duty to save the earth.
  • Don’t insult the world, take care of it and make it green.
  • Save water, save trees, save the earth.
  • The earth is dying, we have to unite to save it, we have to get rid of pollution.
  • Save the earth, save your life.
  • Earth security, the test of all of us.
  • Take care of the earth, and it will take care of you.
  • There is no earth, no life.

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