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In this article, we are providing slogans on Health in Odia- slogan on healthy food, healthy lifestyle slogan, world health day slogan, health awareness slogan, Health Slogan in Odia Language.

Slogan on Health

Slogan on Health in Odia language
Odia Health Slogan

Eat a balanced diet … build better health.

Health is the basis of life
Don’t mess with that either.

Eat good food, take good food
Health will never be empty.

Health is our priceless treasure
If it keeps you healthy, your mind will be happy.

Keep your health healthy
Find yourself in front of everyone.

Stay healthy and live longer
For this, we need healthy air.

Walk and join every day
So we have to stay healthy and healthy.

Once health is lost, it will be ruined
Then spend the money behind it and the money will not come.

If we do not pay attention to health and neglect
So there will be a fair in the doctor’s office for our health.

Free the country from pollution
Tell everyone about good health.

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