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In this post, we have provided Save Trees Slogan In Odia language. Here You will Fine Best Odia Slogan on Save Trees, Save Trees Slogan, save trees quotes, save trees save the life

Slogan on Save Tree

Slogan on Save Tree in Odia language

The earth has to be saved, trees have to be planted in every corner.

Do not cut down the tree, otherwise the ghost will not forgive.

The tree is the jewel of the earth, it is the sinner that cuts it down.

If you regularly cut down trees,
Then you will have trouble breathing.

Hand in hand, planting more and more trees.

Trees are the home of birds, so don’t cut them out.

Trees – the lungs of the world.

No trees, no rain, no rain, no life.

Plant a lot of vines, save the next generation.

The tree is green gold, never underestimate it.

Everyone should do their duty, plant trees, bring vegetables.

Teach children this lesson, all protect the tree.

Trees have the greenness of life,
If you cut it, you will get in trouble.

Plant trees, save the earth from destruction.

The tree is the root of life.

Let’s do our duty, plant trees, protect trees.

Greenery brings happiness to the world.

If you love to breathe, protect the tree.

Trees are a source of water, and if they are cut down, life will be ruined.

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